Brow Maintenance

Starting at $10

The eyebrows are shaped and waxed to the desired shape. A toner and vitamin E oil can be applied after the service to decrease redness and shrink the pores.

Facial Waxing

Starting at $10

Other facial waxing including the upper lip, chin, neck, jaw bone and sideburns are available as well. Essential oils and toners are used to decrease redness and shrink the pores. 

Nose & Ear Waxing

Starting at $10

For nose and ear waxing we use hard wax to remove unwanted hairs from the outer areas of the nose and ears. 

Upper Body Waxing

Starting at $20

We offer a full range of upper body waxing services for all genders.  Choose between chest, back, underarms, arms and stomach or get the works. We use high quality wax and after care products and offer aftercare instructions to get the most out of your waxing experience.