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Hey Babe!
Nice to meet you

About our salon

We are a salon and boutique and we are different than the ones you have been to before!

If you want your hair done but don't like drama, if you want to shop for hair product, clothing and accessories and if you want to have an experience with the girls, you are in the right place!

We work together here.

What to expect...

Your hair experience starts with the online portal linked below. This will take you to our Vagaro page where you can submit an appointment request!

If you are unsure which service to choose, take a look at the descriptions on our SERVICES page. If you are still unsure, shoot us a text at 435-621-7427 

Once we have accepted your appointment, you will get a text confirmation with your appointment info and a link for our client intake form. 

When you come in, we will probably greet you with "Hi! Do you have an appointment today?" (Let's just be real, its that just about every time).

  Once with your stylist, we will do an in depth consultation to learn your hair history so we can give you the best service possible!

We have an array of things to keep you comfortable during your appointment and we always love it if you would give us feedback on what could make your experience more enjoyable. Please leave us a review! We appreciate it more than you know.

We always make sure that at the end of your appointment you are equipped with the knowledge and products you need for your at-home care.  We can also discuss the best schedule for you to maintain your cut and/or color.

We are excited to meet you and anxiously await your contact!


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Want to pick your stylist? 

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