Basic Deep Condition

Starting at $5

Hair feeling dry? Our deep condition service features the Wella Fusionplex masque with five minutes under the dryer and our basic two-minute scalp massage with your rinse.  Say goodbye to dry hair! Priced at $5 as an add-on and $10 as a stand alone service. Price may vary depending on stylist.

Luxury Oil Treatment

Starting at $10

Our healing Oil treatments feature our luxury Lanza hair care line.  These treatments are leave in oil’s and crèmes that seal your cuticle down with heat.  This treatment features our five-minute luxury scalp massage and features essential oil add-in’s. Priced at $10 as an add on and $20 as a stand alone service. Price may vary depending on stylist.

Personalized Spa Condition

Starting at $20

Biolage Raw Fresh Recipes is a three-step custom crafted hair care solution formulated to provide you options with your deep-condition.  Choose between our six add-ins and personalize your scent to get the exact experience you need! Comes with ten minutes under the drier and our five-minute luxury scalp massage. Priced at $20 as an add-on and $30 as a stand-alone service. Price may vary depending on stylist.

Split End Mender

Starting at $35

Brazilian Blowout's express Split End Repair is a 10-15 minute in-salon treatment that uses a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System to fill in and bind weakened hair fibers, and mend split ends. ... Results last up to four weeks and can be used on all hair types. This service is intended as an add on to a service that already includes our specialty shampoo and style. Priced at $35 as an add-on and $45 as a stand alone service. Price may vary depending on stylist.

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