Hey love!

Thank you for coming here to read more about our policies.

The county is currently in code red. Because of the rapid rate of cases in the Uintah basin, we are required to wear masks.  This is an order from the governor. 

Therefore, we must require masks in our establishment.


Thank you so much for helping us to keep our business open! We are very thankful to our customers for being so obliging. 


If you have been around anyone with any symptoms of sickness, if you have a family member who is exposed or if you can think of ANY other reason why you might be at risk, please call 435-789-1345 or message us here or on facebook to reschedule your appointment. If it is outside of business hours and you have no other way to get ahold of us, you can either call in the morning or text 435-315-2407 (but only when completely necessary).


Thank you for your cooperation!




We are requiring all of our guests to bring a mask to their appointment and to wear it when you are within 6 feet of anyone.  

Current spikes in numbers have forced us to be extra cautious and whether or not face coverings work, we will do what we can to prevent the spread of the disease.

We know it is uncomfortable to wear masks, but please remember that we are wearing them all day for your protection. This minor inconvenience may help us stay open!

We still have masks for sale at the salon if you are in need of one and your stylist may have one for you to use.

Please bring one with you regardless. 

If you have a child with you under the age of 3, we will leave the decision up to you. 

If you have any health concerns restricting you from wearing a mask, please contact us before your appointment.



We are strongly encouraged to social distance due to the rapidly increasing numbers in our town. 
We will be maintaining our usual 6 feet distance whenever possible at the salon.  

We are still asking that you limit family members or extra people in the salon with you for your appointment to help us maintain distance.  

We also ask that as you sit and wait, that you maintain 6 feet of distance from all other customers.

We sincerely appreciate your help as we remain vigilant in protecting our community.

Although it is difficult, please limit mingling and if you choose to talk to others in the salon, please wear your face covering!



We are still requiring all of our clients to fill out a COVID-19 waiver prior to every appointment.  This waiver will have information about your appointment and a few questions regarding you and your families health.  
As always, we ask that you be 100% honest with all of these questions and that you schedule your appointment  out an appropriate distance if you have any symptoms of any sickness.

Please remember that any exposure we have at the salon risks our closure and our stylists ability to work and support their families.

These waivers will help us in the unlikely case of an outbreak of the virus to track where it came from and what we can do to decrease exposure in the future.



Along with our COVID-19 waiver, we are asking that each of our clients inform us of any health issues that may be of risk to you or to your stylist or other clients.

We want to do everything we can to keep you safe. 

If you experience any symptoms of sickness during 48 hours after your appointment with us, we ask that you call to inform us so that we can take any precautions needed. 

Please communicate with your stylist prior to your appointment if you have any questions!

You can call 435-789-1345 during our business hours to get any information you need!


Please visit  Tri-County Health for local updates

Thank you for reading!