Hey love!

Thank you for coming here to read more about our policies.


Thank you so much for helping us to keep our business open! We are very thankful to our customers for being so obliging. 


If you have been around anyone with any symptoms of sickness, if you have a family member who is exposed or if you can think of ANY other reason why you might be at risk, please call 435-789-1345 or message us here or on facebook to reschedule your appointment. If it is outside of business hours and you have no other way to get ahold of us, you can either call in the morning or text 435-315-2407 (but only when completely necessary).


Thank you for your cooperation!




We will wear masks when our clients would prefer that we wear masks.  Otherwise, we rely on our excellent sanitizing habits and washing our hands to keep us safe.  We ask that you do the same and keep our health in mind as well as your own. We are unable to come in if we are sick in order to reduce exposing ourselves to clients and compromising other stylists and their clients. Thank you for your patience! 



We do not require social distancing in our salon but we do ask that if you are sick of any member of your family has covid, that you reschedule your appointment.  If a member of your family is sick with something else, we ask that you inform your stylist prior to your appointment and social distance in you come in. 

Thank you for your cooperation and help with preventing the spread of diseases that would make us unable to serve the public!



We keep records of all our clients that come into the salon. Every new client receives a link to a client intake form that we keep on file in case we need their information. 

In the case of an outbreak, you may call us and we will share what information we can. Please understand that we do keep our clients information confidential and can only share so much.

Thank you!



We ask that you let us know if you have any illness in your family so that we can keep our clients safe and plan accordingly. 

Some of our clients are immune-compromised, planning for surgery or have major events coming up. We would like to do all we can to keep people with special situations safe from germs. While we do all we can, we understand that some things are out of our control. However, please keep an open line of communication open with us to keep preventable situations from happening.