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The county has moved us to a state of green which means that the businesses will be responsible for making their own policies.  We ask that you be supportive of our decisions to help keep our county safe. Thank you!

We are no longer requiring masks UNLESS you have traveled outside of the tri-county area.  If you have traveled, we ask that you wear a mask to your appointment.

Regardless of travel, we are still asking everyone to BRING A MASK to your appointment.  We will be taking your temperature when you come into the salon. As long as your temperature is down, we will proceed with your appointment with no masks.  HOWEVER, if you would like your stylist to wear a mask, we are HAPPY to oblige.  
Also, if we have a client in the salon who has health issues or is a high risk individual, we will be asking you to wear a mask for their protection.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Please read specifics below.




We are requiring all of our guests to BRING a mask to their appointment.  However, our current policies on mask wearing have changed.  We are no longer requiring masks as long as your temperature is not high.  If you would like your stylist to wear a mask, we are HAPPY to oblige! Your stylist will be asking you before your appointment.

If we have a client in the salon that has major health issues or is a high-risk individual, we may ask you to put your mask on for their comfort and protection.

We still have masks for sale at the salon if you are in need of one and your stylist may have one for you to use.



We are still encouraged to social distance. 
We will be maintaining our usual 6 feet distance whenever possible at the salon.  

We are still asking that you limit family members or extra people in the salon with you for your appointment to help us maintain distance.  

We also ask that as you sit and wait, that you maintain 6 feet of distance from all other customers.

We sincerely appreciate your help as we remain vigilant in protecting our community.



We are still requiring all of our clients to fill out a COVID-19 waiver prior to every appointment.  This waiver will have information about your appointment and questions regarding you and your families health.  
As always, we ask that you be 100% honest with all of these questions and that you schedule your appointment 14 days out if you have any symptoms of any sickness.

These waivers will help us in the unlikely case of an outbreak of the virus to track where it came from and what we can do to decrease exposure in the future.



Along with our COVID-19 waiver, we are asking that each of our clients inform us of any health issues that may be of risk to you or to your stylist or other clients.

We want to do everything we can to keep you safe. 

Your stylist will be texting you before your appointment to see if you prefer masks.  We are happy to wear them if you do.

If you experience any symptoms of sickness during the 3 weeks after your appointment with us, we ask that you call to inform us so that we can take any precautions needed. 

Please communicate with your stylist prior to your appointment if they have not texted you!
You can call 435-789-1345 during our business hours to get any information you need!


Copied and pasted from the County, dated June 18,2020:

On June 18, 2020, Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced that Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah counties are moving to the “green” phase in the Utah Leads Together Plan, effective June 19, 2020 at noon. 


Moving to “green” during a local rise in positive COVID-19 testing (11 new positives between June 11 and June 18, 2020), means the public needs to be responsible in their actions to protect themselves and others against exposure. Due to the increased risk the following actions are still strongly encouraged: continue to social distance where feasible, wear a face covering when in public and where social distancing (six feet) is not feasible, practice proper hygiene, staying home when sick and monitor symptoms, and getting tested when symptomatic. 


“It is important for everyone to understand that this transition to ‘green’ does not mean the risk of COVID-19 is gone,” said Jordan Mathis, TriCounty Health Officer. “In fact, the risk has never been greater, it simply means that the responsibility for mitigating the risk has been transferred from public health and the government to each individual and business. It is contingent on each of us to do our part to protect ourselves and others. I urge everyone to follow the recommendations given to keep our communities safe and healthy.”


“Green” allows businesses to open and be in full control of their own policies regarding COVID-19, by implementing individual guidelines that work for each business. Businesses will no longer be restricted by guidance from the TriCounty Health Department or Governor in regards to COVID-19 as a way to balance economic growth as TCHD and the community combat the ongoing pandemic. 


TCHD urges the communities in Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah counties to continue to do their part in protecting themselves, their neighbors and high-risk individuals. 

Thank you for reading!


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